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INSCAPE, The Journal of Esoteric Science in PDF format.

Editor: Dr. Douglas M. Baker

Inscape represents the views of a worldwide group of students of Ancient Wisdom and Esoteric Knowledge. Its purpose is to provide a platform for the presentation of new information and alternative solutions to the problems facing humanity as we proceed into the Third Millennium.

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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 1 inscape1
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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 1

FEATURES IN ISSUE 1   The Eagle in Myth and Legend; Ray Psychology of the Right and Left Brain; Augments of Beauty; Science and the Etheric; Expressions of Laughter; Esoteric Politics; Shakespeare...
INSCAPE Journal, Issue 2 inscape2
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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 2

FEATURES IN ISSUE 2   The Epicureans, The lure of the senses; The Role of Septenates and Dodecanates; Sexuality in the New Millennium; Immortality; What is Karma? Swamp Rat, A soul lost in the mud of...
INSCAPE Journal, Issue 3 inscape3
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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 3

FEATURES IN ISSUE 3   Brain Research; Aromas & Odours, the esoteric significance; Ray Differentiation, Some finer points of ray analysis; Time Warps; The Problems of the Supergifted; Sons of...
INSCAPE Journal, Issue 4 inscape4
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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 4

FEATURES IN ISSUE 4   The Scarab, Jewel of the Desert; The Inquisition; The Ankh, Symbol of immortality; Gold, The Esoteric Significance; The Salt of the Earth, The importance of salt; Symbols and...
INSCAPE Journal, Issue 5 inscape5
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INSCAPE Journal, Issue 5

FEATURES IN ISSUE 5 Divination, Ascertaining the Will of the Gods, The Land of Mesopotamia, Divination through Meditation; Fires of the Mind; The Myth of Prometheus; Who are the Masters?; The...

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