Esoteric Psychology

Esoteric Psychology is one of the four branches of that great body of teachings called the Ancient Wisdom. It describes the nature of Man`s Soul and Personality and the relationship between them, and how one can adapt the Personality to best express the specific intent and purpose of the Soul. Esoteric Psychology is also referred to as the Psychology of the Soul, the Psychology of the Seven Rays and the Science of the Antahkarana.

The Psychology of the Soul
By definition, psychology is the science of the soul - psyche is the soul, and -ology is science, but in practice it has all but completely ignored any existence of an indwelling soul. Instead, psychology had focused almost exclusively on the outermost manifestation of an individual: on the behaviour. Mainstream psychology says that the human personality is the product of its heredity and environment.

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A Ray Analysis 3073P £1.90

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A Ray Analysis

How can knowledge gleaned from specific lectures about each of the seven rays assist our understanding of an individuals psychology? Find out as Dr. Baker demonstrates the process of ray analysis...
Apprenticeship Complex - Esoteric Significance 3001P £1.90

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Apprenticeship Complex - Esoteric Significance

In this profound and wide-ranging lecture, Dr. Baker connects Astrology & Reincarnation to a persons existing psychological complex. He discusses a wide range of psychological phenomena from an...
Archetypes 3200P-18A £1.90

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Archetypes are part of the collective unconscious of humanity.  Regions of the unconscious tend to express themselves through archetypal patterns. Dr. Baker discusses the psychology of...
Archetypes - How they work through you 3220P £1.90

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Archetypes - How they work through you

This second lecture explains the reservoirs of energy lying in the collective unconscious which express through us by association. The archetypes can restore balance in our lives during times of...
Archetypes and how they relate to the Rays 3002P £1.90

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Archetypes and how they relate to the Rays

Here Dr. Baker deepens our understanding of archetypes and the Seven Rays by describing archetypes as vehicles through which even subtler, more spiritual energies of the Rays are expressed. Through...
Archetypes of Primary Relationships 3004P £1.90

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Archetypes of Primary Relationships

Doctor Baker walks through the process of propositioning the unconscious. Going beyond the barrier of intellect and illustrating that the comprehension of the meaning of images is reaching divinity....
Compensation 3090P £1.90

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Doctor Baker unravels the complex psychological term 'compensation' and its relevance and importance to the Man on the Path in his inward journey.  Every thought, word and deed sets up in inward...
Dream Psychology - Part 1 3084P £1.90

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Dream Psychology - Part 1

How do you gain the wisdom and memory of millions of years of human lives? Dr. Baker reveals that Mankind has always had a powerful source of inspiration, information about our personal problems, and...
Dream Psychology - Part 2 3085P £1.90

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Dream Psychology - Part 2

It is vitally essential for a disciple to understand their dream life. In this lecture Dr. Baker covers the why, what and how of dreams, and talks about Freud versus Jung etc. He explains in detail...
Dream Psychology - Part 3 3086P £1.90

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Dream Psychology - Part 3

This lecture teaches you about archetypes and their meanings and how to use your spiritual diary as a meaningful tool to communicate with your soul. (57 min) Additional topics covered: archetypes,...
Dream Psychology - Part 4 3087P £1.90

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Dream Psychology - Part 4

In this lecture Dr. Baker gives you detailed analysis of the emotional and visual elements of dreams. He refers to a dream as being a blue print of our psyche, that is a meaningful entering into the...
Dreams Visions & Symbols 3080P £1.90

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Dreams Visions & Symbols

We all dream, but most of us fail to understand their underlying significance. For the spiritual person, however, dreams can provide invaluable guidance and access to the inner worlds. By drawing on...
Ego Inflation & Alienation - Part 3 - Dream Psychology 3005P £1.90

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Ego Inflation & Alienation - Part 3 - Dream Psychology

In the first half we have Dr Baker giving clear and precise guidance on ego inflation and alienation which is crucial to the disciple on the Path in promoting a stable personality that is rounded out...
Ego Inflation and Alienation 3043P-14A £1.90

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Ego Inflation and Alienation

These two processes help us to round out the personality, and these processes are expressed in our biological and subtle bodies. The implications and effects of both are given in the conclusion of...

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