Audio Recordings

This website was created to make immediate listening available to you of the public lectures by Dr. Baker. These audio recordings cover every aspect of the Ancient Wisdom. More than 15,000 live lectures were given during the last 50 years. Of those, about 1700 were recorded and over 500 as of today are made available here.

These public lectures took place on almost every continent and sometimes under technically trying circumstances. In the early days Dr. Baker traveled alone, sometimes assisted by local coordinators. At times, a pocket cassette recorder was used while at other times proper stationary or wireless microphones and P.A. systems improved recording quality.

Many times recording was done until the tape ran out, stopped, and the cassette was turned around missing parts of sentences. Every effort was made while editing and creating these downloadable MP3 lecture files to improve their quality and topic continuity. However, at times you will experience a partial sentence in the beginning or at the end of the lecture. You find this only when the editor felt that the listener would still benefit from its content. Further, some sound quality was sacrificed when converting the CD quality masters to a more downloadable format.

Here is a complete listing of all available downloads: Click here 

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