Dr. Douglas Baker

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Dr. Douglas Baker  B.A., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

Douglas Baker, English born and raised in South Africa has done extensive scientific research into those hinterlands of the mind which one might call psi-semantics.

He graduated in the Arts & Humanities in South Africa and qualified in medicine at Sheffield University (UK) in 1964.

Having taught in the East End schools of London for 10 years, he began his tour of the Western world giving lectures and seminars in Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Anatomy, Esoteric Astrology, Esoteric Psychology, Esoteric Science and Metaphysics. (Here is a complete listing of books available at

He, more than any other, set in motion the trends towards alternative methods of medicine which have transformed that field in Britain today. As medical advisor to the De la Warr laboratories in Oxford, he undertook research into Biomagnetism and quantum physics their effects on the human aura and dark matter, producing the book by the same name in conjunction with George de la Warr.

Through the years he has given more than 15,000 lectures and attracted people from all over the world to his Esoteric Science Festivals and International Summer Schools staged in America, Canada, England, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. His personal research and experimentation in Alchemy drew forth his book 'The Diary of an Alchemist'.

He established Claregate College, first in America in 1972 and later in England in 1977 and encouraged many hundreds of people to systematise their esoteric studies by attending, courses, seminars, and through the Claregate Correspondence Course.

The College's film faculty produced an exciting dramatic account of a period in the life of Paracelsus, the father of modern and complementary medicine. This million-pound production, with some of Britain's finest actors was previewed and released at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991.

His transformative experiences during the Second World War, when twice severely wounded, set the pattern for his life long investigations into the Powers Latent in Man.

His extensive esoteric writings are said to be the largest collection in the world produced by a living author. He has written over 100 books, many of which have been translated into the 7 European languages and his list of audio tapes extends to include 400 live lectures given around the world.

He has led the field in esoteric astrology, producing with a team, his magnum opus, a Dictionary of Astrology for the 21st Century in three volumes. This is in addition to the already existing 11 volume set of books on the same subject.
In the late 1990s he and his team produced a comprehensive video course on Esoteric Astrology which explores the impact of astrology on all aspects of life and consciousness in a new and unique fashion, full of relevance to the modern and future world.

His previous research into the Akashic Records is well know and documented. These have produced compelling answers to such mysteries as the true authorship of the works of Shakespeare and what caused the sinking of the Mary Rose.

His research work extends into the discoveries in the field of Dark Matter, Dark Energy and Occult Chemistry, particularly dwelling on background radiation and special characteristics of the carbon atom and the esoteric role it plays in organic chemistry. He continues his investigative research into the esoteric factors related to weightlessness in space physiology.

Until his passing in late 2011, Dr. Baker was progressively uncovering groundbreaking new evidence for the age-old tenets of Esoteric Science through the vast spectrum of quantum mechanics.  His predictions, of two severe recent winters contradicted the weather pundits as have done those which forecast earthquakes and tsunamis in 2010 and discoveries continue to astound and perplex the top scientific minds. He was meticulously investigating the latest scientific findings and shining new light on the great mysteries such as Dark Matter and Dark Energy by providing exciting new evidence as to their role and function in the universe.



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