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A Mixed Bag  4320S72
A Ray Analysis 3073P60
A Second Look at Yoga5060SD58
A Time for Withdrawal  5019SD79
Accessability of Energy4325S60
Advanced Techniques of Meditation5345SD88
Alchemy - Part 1  5073SD60
Alchemy - Part 2  5074SD62
Alcoholism - Its Karma and Esoteric Basis2022HA51
Anatomy of Ecstasy2030HA88
Angels, Past and Present  4201S80
Anthropogeny - 1st Half4008S60
Anthropogeny - 2nd Half4009S47
Anthropogeny - Part 14010S-4A58
Anthropogeny - Part 2 4011S-10A60
Anthropogeny - Part 34012S-10B67
Anti-matter and Man4202S50
Archetypes - How they work through You3220P87
Astral Projection - An Introduction4050S81
Astral Projection - The Astral World4052S57
Astral Projection - The Techniques 4054S70
Astrology Rationale1005A-20A58
Astro-Mental Disorders2040HA60
Atavism - How the Past influences the Present2050HA59
Atavism and the Physical Permanent Atom.2051HA61
Atlantis - It's Esoteric Significance4100S53
Atlantis 2 - Focus and use of Legends4101S80
Beings Higher Than Man4230S54
Beyond the Intellect5062SD58
Biology of Spiritual Development5016SD55
Biomagnetism - An Introduction to Magnetism and Radionics2060HA60
Biomagnetism - An introduction to Radionics2061HA67
Biomagnetism - Healing via Radionics, a Workshop2062HA75
Blavatsky and Sience4249S80
Color, Sound and Magnetism4236S116
Compensation 3090P56
Conscious Communications with the Gods5135SD66
Consciousness and Its Recourses5014SD74
Courage and Cowardice5049SD60
Courage and Cowardice, first 34 min5049SD1/234
Death and Dying4060S58
Death and Dying - The Proccess and the Heaven World4061S84
Depression - Part 15045SD38
Depression - Part 25046SD81
Discipleship & Service Work - Part 15040SD86
Discipleship & Service Work - Part 25041SD39
Diseases of Discipleship - Hypoglycaemia 2080HA54
DNA and Planetary Survival4206S67
Dream Psychology - Part 13084P27
Dream Psychology - Part 23085P56
Dream Psychology - Part 33086P57
Dream Psychology - Part 43087P52
Dreams, Visions and Symbols3080P77
Ego Inflation and Alienation3043P-14A60
Ego Inflation and Alienation - Part 13044P58
Ego Inflation and Alienation - Part 23045P82
Ego-Self Axis 3046P85
Egypt  4207S64
Elements of Superconsciousness5462SD48
Emmanuel Swedenborg4208S36
Emotional Intelligence - Part 14220S88
Emotional Intelligence - Part 24221S78
Emotional Problems of Overpopulation4209S87
Energy Storage in Yoga2090HA54
Equipment of Initiation5425SD53
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 12010HA58
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 22011HA56
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 32012HA83
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 42013HA84
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 52014HA88
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 62015HA88
Esoteric Anatomy - Part 72016HA83
Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays1006A82
Esoteric Astrology & the Soul's Purpose  1008A49
Esoteric Astrology 21007A-20B60
Esoteric Healing - An Introduction2000HA-3A53
Esoteric Healing - Part 12005HA54
Esoteric Healing - Part 22006HA86
Esoteric Healing - Part 32007HA86
Esoteric Healing - Part 42008HA59
Esoteric Meaning of Poetry3120P44
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 13030P56
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 23031P48
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 33032P50
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 43033P56
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 53034P59
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 63035P58
Esoteric Psychology - Ray 73036P52
Esoteric Psychology of the Seven Rays3011P59
Esoteric Significance of Archetypes3210P72
Esoteric Significance of the Hippocampus of the Brain4210S94
Fire Phenomena in Spiritual Development 5100SD84
Fountains of Creativity   4311S64
Frontiersman - Right Motive5020SD59
Gates of Initiation  5430SD81
Gateway to the Gods  5130SD48
Group Dynamics - Part 1 & 24312S76
Hidden Processes in Ageing and Youth2027HA55
Hidden Teachings beyond Yoga4335S-12A77
Higher Initiation5450SD50
Higher Manas - Spare Room of the Mind3100P54
How To Analyse the Rays 3070P42
How To Analyse the Rays - Part 13074P67
How To Analyse the Rays - Part 23075P41
How we Survive Death4058S86
Id and Ego  3048P58
Id and Superego3049P41
Initiation Applied - The Kingdom of Heaven is taken by Storm5440SD88
Inner and Outer Causality - Prologue & Quantum Effects 4258S84
Intellect to intuition & Meditation 101 5063SD59
Introduction to Complexes - The Seven Rays 3015P36
Introduction to Esoteric Astrology1000A-17A84
Introduction to Esoteric Science4000S79
Jung & the Collective Unconscious3051P60
Karma, Pain and the Seven Rays4071S55
Karmic Laws behind Disease & Rebirth4072S-13B65
Key to the Unconscious3052P52
Language of Symbols5080SD-18B77
Libido - History of the Psyche   3053P82
Life After Death     4066S41
Life After Death - An Introduction 4065S59
Life After Death - Part 1             4067S56
Life After Death - Part 24068S56
Magic of Theosophy 1 - Extra Terrestrial  4080S67
Magic of Theosophy 2 - Akashic Records  4081S67
Magic of Theosophy 3 - The Archetypes  4082S65
Man in Search of His Soul - Part 1 4020S84
Man in Search of His Soul - Part 2 4021S86
Man in Search of His Soul - Part 34022S85
Man in Search of His Soul - Part 44023S83
Man in Search of His Soul - Part 54024S30
Man's Mission on Earth4006S48
Mans Skin - Carpet of the Brain2100HA59
Maya - The Grand Illusion of Matter4217S81
Medicine & Magnetism2066HA-11B50
Meditation - An Introduction5300SD-7A64
Meditation - Superconsciousness through it 5325SD83
Meditation - The Chakras and Endocrine Glands  5466SD119
Meditation - What it really is 5310SD46
Meditation and the Forebrain5330SD-12B78
Meditation Applied                                             5340SD53
Mental Body - Astrology 21009A-22B62
Mountains of the Mind                                              4265S50
Mysteries Unveiled in the Akashic Records4241S87
Myths, Legends and Archetypes                             4103S59
New Religions  4330S79
Nirvana  5468SD59
Nutrition and Protein2110HA58
Nutrition of Gods and Men                                       2111HA39
Oil for the Lamps of China4224S46
On Discipleship, Interview with Rose Comito5044SD55
Out of Body, Near Death Experiences                  4056S45
Paracelsus, Prince of Physicians4225S45
Part of Me Will Never Die4057S42
Personality Integration and the Dominant Half of the Brain5070SD56
Postulate 1 of Ancient Wisdom - Hylozoism 1 4001S-1A54
Postulate 2 of Ancient Wisdom - Hylozoism 24002S-1B53
Postulate 3 of the Ancient Wisdom - As Above So Below4003S-2A63
Postulate 4 of the Ancient Wisdom - The Cosmic Continuum4004S-5A61
Prana - Part 14227S-6A61
Prana - Part 24228S-6B62
Probing the Unconscious3054P58
Psychic Self-Defence                                             5335SD79
Psychosynthesis & Integration - Part 15050SD59
Psychosynthesis & Integration - Part 25051SD60
Psychosynthesis and Divine Physiognomy5055SD56
Pyramids of the Mind4264S105
Qualities of Ashramic Life                                        5022SD55
Quantum Physics4250S41
Quantum Worlds, Beyond the Atom4251S86
Quo Vadis - Where do we go from here - Meditation5490SD43
Ray Analysis with Focus on the Third Ray3077P57
Ray Psychology/Analysis3076P75
Reincarnation                                                             4040S89
Reincarnation — An Introduction4041S82
Reincarnation - How, Where, Why we have lived Before - Part 14042S59
Reincarnation - How, Where, Why we have lived Before - Part 24043S56
Schizophrenia & Discipleship                                2081HA48
Science of Meditation5200SD-7B56
Seating Oneself for Meditation5312SD67
Secret Teachings Beyond Yoga4266S86
Sex and Celibacy5030SD46
Shakespeare  4267S59
Signposts on the Path of Spiritual Unfoldment5011SD-9B61
Sixth Root Race, Glimpses of the Future4270S72
Some Glimpses of the Future4269S72
Spiritual Values                                                        5025SD73
Stress Disorders & Flower Remedies  2020HA-13A54
Subjective Pole - Maya4271S-4B87
Subtle Bodies & New Discoveries2120HA54
Suicide 5047SD43
Supergifted Children 4275S-15B62
Symbols and Astrology1010A53
Symbols of Collective Unconscious3055P55
Systems of Spiritual Development5000SD88
Temples of Initiation — Stonehenge5410SD48
The Akashic Records - An Introduction4030S-21B78
The Akashic Records - Part 1  4031S77
The Akashic Records - Part 2  4032S80
The Akashic Records - Part 3  4033S55
The Akashic Records - The Memory of Mankind4240S54
The Anthakarana5125SD-24A58
The Apprenticeship Complex  5048SD68
The Art of Healing  2003HA64
The Aspro-Essences2021HA40
The Astral Light4055S-16A60
The Astral Light and Aspiration4049S58
The Brain, Language & Sexuality4272S59
The Cain Complex  3061P57
The Claregate Method                                                 3000P87
The Counsciousness of the Moon  4273S74
The Dominant Half of the Brain2130HA59
The Endocrine Glands - Part 1    2140HA-3B61
The Endocrine Glands - Part 2    2141HA-8A55
The Eye & the Significance of Pain - Part 12150HA-19A62
The Eye & the Significance of Pain - Part 22151HA-19B46
The Fourth Root Race4268S-15A61
The Heart has its Reason - Part 1  5017SD62
The Heart has its Reason - Part 2  5018SD47
The Heaven Worlds and Externalisation of the Hierarchy4235S67
The Hidden Significance of the DNA Code  4276S73
The Hollow Earth4340S80
The Horoscope of John F. Kennedy Jr.1050A58
The Human Aura4345S41
The Immortal Part of Us - Part 1                      5006SD81
The Immortal Part of Us - Part 25007SD88
The Imprisoned Splendor    5001SD107
The Infantile Ego - Part 1  3040P63
The Infantile Ego - Part 2  3041P59
The Jewelled Way      5003SD-5B76
The Magnetic Aura      2068HA-11A60
The Masters of the Wisdom, Who are They?4231S51
The Mechanics of Occult Phenomena4274S85
The Meditative Way of Life5004SD47
The Middle Path   5005SD-23B62
The Nature of the Psyche3006P87
The Nature of the Psyche - Phylogenic Acquisitions3007P44
The New Millennium4261S49
The Nirmanakayas4234S-16B59
The Occult World of Initiation5400SD78
The Opening of the Third Eye - Part 1                      5480SD65
The Opening of the Third Eye - Part 25481SD53
The Origin of Man  4015S65
The Permanent Atom  4017S75
The Physical Permanent Atom4018S-21A91
The Powers Latent in Man4007S101
The Psychology of the Soul3038P-24B87
The Psychopomp    3039P-14B61
The Ray of the Soul3020P84
The Rays Of The Nations3022P60
The Secret of the Golden Flower - Part 14090S86
The Secret of the Golden Flower - Part 24091S87
The Secret of the Golden Flower - Part 34092S45
The Self                                                                     3008P58
The Seven Planes & the Unconscious3056P-9A59
The Seven Rays3010P58
The Seven Rays - An Introduction 3012P-2B58
The Seven Rays & Their Correlations3013P58
The Seventh Ray3025P52
The Silent Watcher - Part 1, Worlds Beyond the Atom4252S58
The Silent Watcher - Part 2, Gates to the Universe4253S54
The Soul`s Purpose - An Introduction3009P57
The Spiritual Nature of Man 5015SD77
The Spleen Chakra2160HA66
The Structure of Dreams3082P73
The Transformative Power of Kundalini5363SD55
The Twelve Tissue Salts2025HA71
The Vagus Nerve2134HA-8B59
Time, Space & Mind4254S86
Tomorrow The Universe - Part 1 & 24255S73
Transmutation of Chakra and Ray Energies5364SD58
Types of Complexes3060P67
Vomiting and Lunaria2170HA55
Vrittis - Playthings of the Mind4315S47
Where Science & Theosophy Meet4259S46
White Magic                                                 4280S-23A87
White Magic 2                                                         4281S80
White Magic Appied                                                4282S58
Wordsworth’s Moon3110P-22A57

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